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Avro Vulcan B2 - XL426
XL426 - Service History

Aug 1962
XL426 made her first flight from A.V. Roe & Co at Woodford, lasting 95 minutes.

Dec 1962
Delivered to No. 83 Squadron RAF Scampton. On September 10th, 1963, whilst returning from Goose Bay, Canada, John Slessor flew XL426 to RAF Scampton in 4 hours 5 minutes - an unofficial record, pre-Concorde, for a crossing of the North Atlantic at that time.

Apr 1964

Part of Britains Anit-Nuclear Deterrent and equipped with Blue Steel.


Dec 1969
27 Squadron assigned to the tactical nuclear and conventional bombing roles.

Jan 1971
Assigned to 617 Squadron 'The Dam Busters'

Dec 1981

XL426 was transferred to 50 Squadron at RAF Waddington. 50 Squadron became the last Vulcan squadron, operating six aircraft as air-to-air tankers until the Vulcan was finally withdrawn from operational service in 1984.

Mar 1984

XL426 had the ultimate accolade of performing 50 Squadron’s last display, in the hands of Squadron Leader Joe L’Estrange, at the squadron’s disbandment ceremony at RAF Waddington.

May 1984
Together with XH560, XL426 formed what became known as the Vulcan Historical Flight (later the Vulcan Display Flight - VDF)

June 1986
XL426 gave her final display at the RAF Coningsby.

July 1986

Sold to Roy Jacobsen and delivered to her new owner at Southend Airport on December 19th

1990 Onwards

local enthusiasts formed the Vulcan Memorial Flight Supporters Club (VMFSC) and in July 1993, subsequently re-formed as a registered charity, The Vulcan Restoration Trust.


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